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A creative and passionate marketer, Taylor builds strategies that enable his clients to cost effectively identify and scale their growth engines. With more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Technology, and Consulting, Taylor has a keen eye for seeking ahead of the curve opportunities that make a true impact.

Fun Fact:
- Taylor once convinced Ford Motor Company to give him an unreleased car for six months (with free gas and insurance) in exchange for creative marketing for their upcoming US launch. The Ford Fiesta Movement campaign generated 3 million Tweets, 5.4 million views on YouTube, and lined up 50K customers to buy the Ford Fiesta before its U.S. release.

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  • Taylor has the passion-filled drive that I always look for in a great marketer. He is always looking to see ways to improve on process and to bring ideas to customers in different ways. Taylor has the ability to delivery projects of great quality, manage resources and vendors and do great work in a timely manner

    Daniel Smith - CMO, COO -
  • Taylor expertly manages several projects at any given moment, and routinely delivers exemplary results, on time. He is persistent and is driven by passion to always produce positive results!

    James Wong - Co-Founder & Partner at Empowered Ideas
  • I would gladly work with Taylor Barr in the future, and highly recommend Mr. Barr to anyone looking to gain a smart, energetic and knowledgeable marketing professional who understands hard work, focus and the needs of today's evolving interactive market.

    Keith Moore- CEO & President,

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